Folklore Festival 2008


"Chmielewski Funtime Variety Show Band"

Pictured above left to right Loren Lindevig, Patty Chmielewski, Florian Chmielewski and Jerry Chmielewski

The Chmielewski Funtime Band has had their own television show, has appeared on shows throughout the nation, and been inducted into the Minnesota Music Hall of Fame. These talented musicians are part of a family whose current members are the fourth generation of Chmielewskis to perform in this band.



featured Saturday May 3rd, 2008
7:30pm to 10:30pm

"Chmielewski Funtime Variety Show Band"

Incredible Entertainers!

  • Over 100 years later and five family generations producing EXCITING, TOE-TAPPING Music
  • & They're back with a NEW Album
  • 11 "Polka" Awards
  • More than 40 albums, cassettes,and videos
  • Over 2000 Television Shows broadcast throughout the USA and Canada
  • Welcomed at over 100 National and International venues each year

    Brought to us with support from the Royal Canadian SLOVAK LEGION Branch#129


    Since 1882, the Chmielewski family has been synonymous with accordion music.
    Over 100 years later and into five succeeding generations, the Chmielewski’s music
    has never stopped.

    In 1989, the “Chmielewski Family Funtime Band” swept the Minnesota Music Awards for three consecutive years by winning nine out of eleven awards in the polka field. They produced over 2000 television shows broadcast throughout the USA and Canada and currently airing on cable channel 8. In 1973 popularity polls, their polka show was ranked second most favorite, even surpassing “All In The Family.” Florian Chmielewski was inducted into Minnesota Music Hall of Fame (New Ulm, MN) in 1994, and into Ironworld Discovery Center Polka Hall of Fame (Chisholm, MN) in 1995. Florian’s daughter Patty Chmielewski Devitt follows in her dad’s famous footsteps as Polka Hall of Fame inductee of 2003. Perhaps their accomplishments will be continued by her gifted children, Nick, Alexis, and Kati, who are already veteran stage performers at the tender ages of 12, 10, and 4. They have just released a new CD entitled “Another Generation.” The group is welcomed at over 100 national and international venues each year, and has covered more than five million miles traveling to over 10,000 events since Florian took over leadership in 1945. They have produced more than 40 albums, cassettes, and videos. Additionally, Florian brought his style to the Capitol and beyond. The beloved entertainer from Sturgeon Lake was elected to the Minnesota Senate (1970-1996), where he remained a dedicated proponent for the special concerns of northern Minnesota. Chmielewski’s interest in accordion music extends far beyond entertainment. In 1991, while appearing as headliner at Ironworld USA Polkafest, in Chisholm, MN,

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    Our Feature Entertainers have thrilled visitors to Folklore Festival at the Fort William Gardens in Thunder Bay, Ontario. Let's do it again this YEAR!


    See "Chmielewski Funtime Variety Show Band" on stage May 3rd!

    See them for regular Folklore prices.

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