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Le Stelle Alpine Italian Dancers

Le Stelle Alpine Italian Dancers was first established in 1982 to represent and share Italian culture within the community of Thunder Bay and surrounding area. We are proud to be celebrating our 39th year and we continue with the same mission to honour, preserve and celebrate our Italian culture through music and dance. Our goal is to continue to maintain our Italian heritage and traditions that were brought to this country by our immigrant parents, family, relatives and friends.

We are very proud of our dancers as they are a hard-working, passionate and dedicated group of individuals. Named after the star shaped flower that can be found throughout Italy`s countryside, the dancers strive to represent all regions of Italy and delight audiences with a vast range of traditional performances.

They have been very proud to represent our Italian culture and the Thunder Bay Community in other cities and countries including Italy, Ottawa, Toronto, Montreal, Chicago, Minneapolis and are looking forward to travelling once again in the near future.

It is also important to give back to the community and our dancers and their families have done a wonderful job in doing that. Over the last few years they have donated to many wonderful organizations including the RFDA and Shelter House. We want to continue to make a difference out there in the community where we work and live.

Le Stelle Alpine Italian Dancers welcomes youth of any race, culture or creed. Registration to join our group is always welcome and open to all abilities and nationalities.

Join Le Stelle Alpine Italian Dancers in celebrating and sharing Italian culture!

President, Leah Nadin Vice President, Rita Romeo


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