The Irish Dancers (Celtic Rhythms) Folklore Entertainers (involved in our Community in many forms of dance and exercise through their leader Lynda DePiero)


As February comes to an end and Spring is in the horizon, I am attaching my schedule for both Live-in-Person classes and the popular virtual ZOOM classes with fitness, Pilates and dance. The Winter Schedule will continue until March 10th, 2022. Spring break is the week of March 14th to 18th and therefore no classes will be running for that week. Spring session starts Monday, March 21st and will continue until May 19th with the exclusion of Easter Monday, April 18th, 2022.
Please let me know what classes you are interested in taking. I appreciate a count for the Live-In-Person classes as I require a minimum of participants in order to run the classes. If you are taking the virtual ZOOM classes, the meeting ID# and the Passcode are the same. Please contact me if you require the ID# and Passcode for ZOOM as you will need this to join the "meeting/class". Also if anyone needs any equipment to purchase ie: squishy balls, Franklin balls, therabands or loops, please let me know as I have some in stock.
It has been a long winter between our Northwestern Ontario weather and COVID restrictions and changes. I know my programming has provided a sense of connection/socialization between participants and myself. "Motion is Lotion" promoting positive aging, wellness, humour and fun. Take good care and see you soon either LIVE or on ZOOM Sincerely, Lynda DePiero😁👍

Try their Spring 2022 Fitness, Pilates, & Dance Classes with Lynda DePiero for some great fitness classes. Enjoy their 2022 Spring Schedule above.

The Celtic Rhythms Irish Dancers have been Irish dancing at the Folklore Festival for over 25 years, bringing to the Stage lively dancing from young to young-at-heart performers. You just want to get up and jig or step dance along with them.

This is a group that is very much involved in our community. Lead by Lynda DePiero, this lively group of dancers not only perform at Folklore Festival annually but perform at the Thunder Bay Community Auditorium. They perform wearing many different hats and offer an amazing range of dance styles.

Lynda also offers a wide range of dance and exercise activities including on Zoom.

Irish Dancing, Classy Dancing Seniors, Boomers become Zoomers, The Celtic Rhythms (Irish Dancers), you can hear about them during Folklore Festivals, online, in the Women's Magazine, the Chronicle Journal, and features presenting the wide range of classes they present that are sure to warm your heart and keep you active and healthy.

The Celtic Rhythms during Folklore Festival Opening Ceremonies.

Online Dance, Pilates, & "Fitness Over Fifty"

2021 Try some Irish Hard Shoe Dancing, Irish Dancing or some great fitness classes. (Enjoy their 2022 Spring Schedule above.)

Boomers become Zoomers

Irish Dancer Lynda DePiero takes Fitness ONLINE. Thanks to The Chronicle Journal for the story.

Celtic Rhythms (Irish Dancers) Photo Album online. Click here.

The Celtic Rhythms (Irish Dancers)
at Folklore Festival

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